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Our Cosmo dress is not only for summer though.

It is a perfect thing for summer but why should you limit yourself. You can use it any time. At home also, on your jeans....

100% cotton - one size only. Please see our "size guide".

This dress is made of one our best selling fabric KKL.

It is very soft,

Fabric is pre-washed. So with washing and weaving structure is very soft indeed.

The fabric is manufactured in our Babadag factory and tailored in our Istanbul atelier.

As you can see this dress is with the fringes, if you do not like the fringes, we can make the product without fringes. So please indicate when you are ordering.

If you order something different which is shown here, our shipping time will be longer as 4-5 days.

We are specialized in manufacturing in hand loomed old technique machines, so our fabrics are much more durable than the automatic ones. Cause the idle speeds of our machines are nearly 80% less than automatic machines. So our yarns are not harmed that much. And our products do not lose their "new" look for longer time. And our colors do not fade away easily.

Since our motto is "naturesake" we do care about mother nature and we do not use any harmful chemicals.

We are also open to accept custom order, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our free gift pack is available, please ask for it.

Enjoy !


We recommend a gentle or normal cycle using cold or warm water and at least two washes before use to ensure maximum absorbency.Gentle tumble dry is acceptable but not recommended..By doing so, you’ll actually train the cotton fibres to become more absorbent while also making the towel even softer in the process.


There’s no need for fabric softener, in fact, we recommend staying away from softeners as they actually reduce the absorbency of our towels. To keep your towels super soft, add a splash of white household vinegar to a rinse cycle from time to time. You will find your Lalay towels become even softer with every wash.


Our towels are flat-woven, so if you pull a thread, simply cut off the pulled loop with scissors. Your towel will not be damaged or unravel.

We hope this helps you take care of your Turkish towels ! As always ,if you have any questions ,dont hesitate to call us at +90 2122101921 or email us at info@lalay.net