Shipment by DHL Express to All Over the World

Our Quality Policy

  • Documenting, certifying and continuously improving our quality management system to ensure compliance with ISO 9001 standards,
  • Improving and enhancing the efficiency of our activities, employees and working environment,
  • Providing a transparent organization to ensure the joint responsibility, participation and loyalty of our employees,
  • Adopting Quality Management System as a principle,
  • Providing continuous training for our staff to improve their skills and qualifications,
  • Attaining maximum customer satisfaction by striving to meet their expectations and demands to the best of our abilities,
  • Maintaining good relations with our customers and other stakeholders,
  • Respecting the environment in all our operations by strict adherence to related legal regulations and approved practices,
  • Taking the necessary actions to ensure the efficient utilization of our investments and to enable innovations,
  • Contributing to the development of our traditional handicrafts and their adaptation to the new technologies, thereby ensuring their transfer to the posterity.