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Minimum quantity for "BRACELET WHITE CORAL AMOZONITE" is 1.

The bracelet is made especially for us, by one of our partner's Muge Konuralp daughter.

We are sending our special thanks and our love to her Ms Despoina Yfanti.

Note that, every bracelet is unique, so the stones might be in different order.

The amazing bracelet made of white coral fits everyone who loves naturalness and eco-style. It is made of the natural white coral beads strung on strong elastic cord.

A cute charm in the form of an eye symbolizes protection from evil forces. The charm is adding bright blue color which prettily combined with the white color of the bracelet.

White coral maintains health, has calming internals, extends the intuition and imagination. It also brings peace, stimulates mental abilities and helps to discover and purify the crown chakra and harmonize the higher centers.
White coral - one of the most powerful cleaner-stones. It gradually, gently cleanses our energy centers and subtle bodies and we become more harmonious and happy.

WHITE CORAL : Releases anxiety & fear of the unknown -Provides strenght - Gives confidence to improve communication skills.

AMOZONITE : Siucerity -Honor -Inspires truth -Self love -Communication -Trust -Clarity -Psychic vision

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Enjoy !